It Ustvolskaya Festival

Juster wie ik oanwêzich op de lêste dei fan it Ustvolskaya Festival. Wat kin ik der fan sizze? Oerweldigjende muzyk. Harkje sels mar.  Ik waard betiden aardich kjel fan de hammers dy’t de deadskiste mishannelen. Muzyk dêr’t oerkrêften inoar befjochtsje.

Earder, moarns, ek prachtich koarwurk út de Russysk otterdokse tsjerke.

No one knows how to classify her.  She has been compared to Satie, Hindemith, Bartók, Stravinsky and Messiaen.  Some have tried to shoehorn her into Minimalism, Constructivism or Suprematism.  I, however, would vote her president of the school of musical sadism.  She liked her music percussive and deafeningly loud, with the occasional ultra quiet contrast just so another painful dose of ffffffattacks will have greater physical impact on the listener’s ear and nervous system.’

Live komme de hammerslaggen folle hurder oan as op cd.



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