Cornelis van der Wal

Fûn op it net

Dit fûn ik op it net. Sels mar efkes lêze.

Failing in the Background Syntax

A certain type of person would consistently, before actually reading my work, ask me the question: Why do you write?

Giving an answer is tricky. Not because I don’t know, but because to do so I might deter them or scare away certain readers. However, I have absolutely no intention to tell an un-truth and so, I usually straightforwardly say that I write what and how I write to structurally and systematically unhinge, then permanently redesign from the ground up the most ardent conceptions about the thought itself which I hunt down relentlessly and without compromise, indeed. And when asked why I do that I can only say that it is because I believe that everyone has a right, and indeed, deserves to think thusly freely that enlightenedment of their mind can be achieved

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