The Frisians reinvented money

‘It starts with the Frisians, with a change of climate and the fall of Rome. Pliny the Younger had mentioned that there were people on the edge of the world who lived cut off from the mainland by marshes. They were sea people, he announced, and all they had in their lives was fish, so they were not worth conquering. They were sea people for a reason, because in that region, at that time, it was quicker to travel on water than land. Seven hundred years later, the bishop of nearby Utrecht was similarly dismissive. “And yet,” Pye writes, “between the writing of those two accounts the Frisians reinvented all the links and ties across the North Sea.” The challenge to accepted dark age theories implicit in that sentence runs through the book and is usually followed, as in this case, by something even more surprising: the Frisians, Pye tells us, “reinvented money”.’

Ut The Guardian

Sa hearre jo it ris fan in oar.

En dat krekt nei’t ien of oare Nicolay hawwe wol dat de Friezen eins neat foarstelden.

Jûn makaroany iten

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